Hallett Academy

Hallett Academy at 2950 Jasmine St. was built in 1951 and named for Lucius F. Hallett (1884-1940), who served as president of the Board of Education from 1917 – 1926. Mr. Hallett attended DPS schools and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. After college he returned to Denver and became a trustee of St. Luke’s Hospital, Clayton College, and the Museum of Natural History. In 2009, Knight Fundamental Academy, a magnet school located in the Belcaro neighborhood, closed and the program moved to Hallett which was renamed Hallett Fundamental Academy. In 2017, the school changed its name again to Hallett Academy to reflect the focus on preparation for college and career in alignment with the Denver 2020 Plan.

Hallett’s core values form the acronym, Hawks, the school’s mascot: Honor, Accountability, Wonder, Knowledge, Self-control.

Today, Hallett describes itself this way:

  • We believe in what our students can achieve.
  • We have committed to restoring the Hallett community to a place where learning begins and never ends.
  • We are a safe, positive and inclusive place to learn, work, and grow!

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